Here's a little info about Sparkle & Posy, and Jennifer (the girl behind the business).

Sparkle & Posy is a small cabin-based business, on the edge of a forest, in a beautiful coastal town in northern California. It gathers all my creative skills into one inspiring and pretty little package. I have always been an artist, with inspiration leading me in many different directions, over the years. I've played with painting, sewing, photography, floral design, and many other arts and crafts. Sparkle and Posy is kind of a culmination of all the ideas that pop into my head.
I feel so lucky to be able to live in a place that I love, and get up every morning and gather and make pretty things. Then, when the pieces are made, I photograph them, list them, and enjoy hearing how my work has added to someones special day. It really doesn't get any better than that! - Jennifer